Hotel Key Control

Hotel Key Control

Hotel key control system is one of the most important system maintained ‬ by hotel security and other operational departments.

There are different types of keys, which are as follows;

  1. Hotel Keys 2EMERGENCY KEY– This key opens all the doors in the property, even those rooms that the guests have double locked. It also double locks the room against all other keys. It should be stored at secure place such as the hotel safe or a metal cabinet that only General Manager or security manager can access. This key is used only in emergency situation such as fire, any employee or guest locked in a room.
  1. MASTER KEY– These key opens all the guest room doors that are not double locked. It is mainly kept with Assistant HK
  1. GRAND MASTER KEY– these keys open all hotel guestrooms and often HK store rooms as well. It can also double lock a room if access to it has to be denied. This key can be used in emergency situation. It is mainly kept with FO manager or EHK.
  1. SUB MASTER KEY– This key opens all room in one work section of a hotel. A supervisor issued more than one key of these type as he are she may be required to inspect V/C room.
  1. FLOOR KEY– Room attendant is given this key to open the rooms he or she is assigned to clean on a floor. The floor key opens all rooms on a particular floor that are not double locked.
  1. GUEST ROOM KEYS– These are keys issued to guests during their registration. This key opens a single guest room

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