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Mba Hotel and Tourism Management

+ 2 Years PG Diploma In Hotel Management (Free)

  • Duration : 2 Years

  • Eligibility : 10+2+3 (any Stream)

  • Course fee : INR 1,80,000/-*

*installment facility available for Mba in Hotel Management.

Course Details of Mba Hotel and Tourism Management.

Course Contents of Mba in Hotel Management

Year 1 – 1st Year of Mba Hotel and Tourism Management

Subjects to Study with PG Diploma Subjects and Mba in Hotel Management

1 – Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour – Full Marks – 100

Management : Science, Theory and Practice, Management and Society : Social Responsibility and Ethics, Functions of Management, Global Planning, The Nature of organizing – Organizational Structure : Departmentation – Line/Staff, Co-ordination functions in Organisation – Human Factors and Motivation – Leadership – Committees and group Decision Making – Communication, The System and Process of Controlling – Control Techniques and Information Technology, Organisational Behaviour, Attitudes – relationship with behaviour, values – importance, types of management ethics, Organisation Errors,learning on managerial performance. managing stress- Conflict Management,negotiation.Foundations of group behaviour, team decision making. Issues in Managing teams. Organisational change, Organisational Development, Organisational culture, corporate culture. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

2 – Managerial Economics – Full Marks – 100

Managerial Economics and business decision making, Demand Analysis, Supply meaning and determinants – production decisions, Cost concepts, Market structure, methods of pricing – differential pricing – Government intervention and pricing, Profit – Meaning and nature – Profit policies – Profit planning and forecasting, Investment analysis, National Income – Business cycle. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

3 – Accounting and Finance for Managers – Full Marks – 100

Financial Accounting – Definition – Principles – Concepts – Trial Balance – Final Accounts, Financial Statement Analysis, balance sheet , Fund Flow – Cash Flow Statement Analysis- Cost Accounting, Types of Budgets – Preparation of Flexible and fixed Budgets, master budget and Cash Budget – Marginal Costing, Break even point Analysis, export decision, sales mix decision-Problems, Objectives and functions of Financial Management – Role of Financial Management – Time value of money concepts Indian Financial system – Legal, Regulatory and tax framework.- Features of Capital market development in India – Role of SEBI in Capital Issues.- methods of appraisal – Risk analysis in Capital Budgeting.-Types of Divided Policy. Working Capital Management- Cash Management – Receivables Management and Inventory Management. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

4 – Marketing Management – Full Marks – 100

Marketing Concepts and Tasks, Defining and delivering customer value and satisfaction, Marketing environment,- Digitalisation, e-business, Marketing Information System, Strategic marketing planning and organization,Buyer Behaviour, Market Segmentation and Targeting, Product life cycle strategies, New product development, Product Mix and Product line decisions, Branding and Packaging, Price setting objectives, Marketing channel system- Selection, Training, Motivation and evaluation of channel members,marketing communication process, Advertising, Sales promotion and Public relation decisions. Direct marketing,Telemarketing,Identifying and analysing competitors, Customer database,Customerism in India. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

5 – Human Resource Management – Full Marks – 100

Human Resource Function, Recruitment & Placement, Training & Development, Compensation & Managing Quality, Labour relations and employee security. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

6 – Quantitative Techniques for Management – Full Marks – 100

Introduction, Mathematical Models, simple business examples, formulation – graphical solution –simplex – solution, Transportation, degeneracy, non – degeneracy, Trans-shipment, Assignment Model, Feasible solutions, Travelling Salesmen problem, Network Model, Resources planning. Waiting Line Model Probability, addition and multiplication Rules, simple business application problems, theoretical probability distributions – Binomial, Poison and Normal, Simple problems applied to business. Inventory Models, EOQ with Price Breaks, Game theory-zero sum games, types of simulation, Monte Carlo simulation Theory – Pay off tables – decision criteria – decision trees. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

7 – Research Methods for Management. – Full Marks – 100

Types of research, Characteristics of good research – Scientific method – Problems in research, Hypothesis, formulation Research design, case study – features of good design – Techniques of measurement – scaling, Techniques, criteria for good sample design – Types of sample designs – Probability and non-probability samples. Types of data – sources – Tools, methods of data, collection, Data processing, coding – editing – Data analysis, Test of Significance, Techniques of interpretation – Steps in report writing – Layout, Types of reports – Oral presentation – executive summary – mechanics of writing research, report – Precautions for writing report – Norms for using Tables, charts and diagrams. To study in Mba in Hotel Management


Business Communication , components , Types , formal communication, Work team communication, non , verbal communication, Cross cultural communication , Business meetings , Business Etiquette, Understanding Corporate Communication, Employee Communication, Managing Government Relations , Writing for Media and Media Relations, Corporate Communication in Brand Promotion, Financial Communication, Report writing: Characterizing & business reports , Types and forms & reports , proof reading, Business Presentation: Written and oral presentation, team presentation , Delivering the business presentation, visual aids, slides, electronic presentation , hand,outs , career planning , preparing Resume , job applications , preparation for a job interview , employment interviews , follow up. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

9 – OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – Full Marks – 100

Operations Management, Operation strategy and competitiveness – Functions of OM – types of production, systems, Product design and process selection – Evaluation and Selection, Types of layout, Product and / or Process layout, Cellular, Lean and Agile manufacturing systems, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Production planning and control, master production schedule (MPS) – Material requirement planning (MRP) – Capacity requirement planning (CRP), an introduction to MRP II and ERP – Business Process Re-engineering – Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Materials management – functions – material planning and budgeting – Value Analysis – purchase functions and procedure – types of inventory – safety stock – order point – service level – inventory control systems, Total Quality Management Concept, Sampling and Process Control, Quality movement – Quality circles –– ISO Quality Certifications and types – Quality assurance – Six Sigma concept. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

Year 2 – 2nd Year of Mba Hotel and Tourism Management

Subjects to Study for Mba Hotel and Tourism Management


The World of Hospitality: Introduction to Hotel, Travel and tourism Industry Nature of Hospitality: Communication, Turnover, Demands and Rewards – Economic and Other Impacts of Hotel, Tourism, and Travel Industry – Early History of Lodging, Globalization of the Lodging Industry – Franchising, The Organization and Structure of Lodging Operations : Size and Scope of the Industry – Classifications of Hotels – Hotel Market Segments – Organization of Hotels – Food Service Industry : Composition and Size of Food Service Industry – Organization of Hotel and Restaurant Food Service – Management and Operation of Food Services, The Rooms Division: The Front Office Department – The Reservation Department The Telecommunications Department – The Uniformed Service Department, Functional areas: Engineering and Maintenance Division – Marketing and Sales, Division – Accounting Division – Human Resources Division – Security Division, Hospitality Marketing: Distinctive characteristics – Seven Ps of Marketing –Segmentation., Targeting and Positioning – Future trends in Hospitality Industry: Usage of CRS in Hotel Industry, Chain of hotels- Role of Associations in hospitality management. To study in Mba in Hotel Management


Introduction: Concept of Policy, Formulating tourism policy, Role of government,public and private sectors, Role of international multinational, state and local tourism organisations in carrying out tourism policies, Tourism Policy: Study of National Tourism Policy 1982 and 2002, National Action Plan on Tourism, 1992: Special Tourism Area Development Programme. The concept of National Tourism Board, National Committee on Tourism, Investment opportunities and government policy for investment in hotel/tourism industry. Sources of funding. Understanding Tourism Planning: Conceptual meaning of Tourism Planning, Evolution of Tourism Planning, General Concepts of Planning, Levels and Types of Tourism Planning, Background Approach and planning scale. Public and Private sectors role in Tourism Development. International Agreements: Chicago Convention, Warsaw Convention, Open Sky Policy, Bermuda Convention, Euro Agreement, Schengen Agreement. Tourism Marketing : Service characteristics of tourism. Unique features of tourist demand and tourism product, Tourism marketing mix. Marketing of Tourism. Services : Marketing of Airlines, Hotel, Resort, Travel Agencies and other tourism related services-Challenges and strategies..To study in Mba in Hotel Management

3 – SERVICE MARKETING – Full Marks – 100

Difference between product and services marketing; Characteristics of services; Classification of services, service marketing system: Service quality; Understanding customer expectations, Targeting and positioning of service, Services marketing mix, Developing the service product, Service product planning; Service pricing strategy; Services promotions; Services distributions, Role of communication, People and internal communication, Role of technology in services marketing. Marketing the Financial Services: Deciding the service Quality, Understanding the customer expectation, segmenting, targeting, and positioning of Financial Services, Marketing Mix Strategies with special reference to Credit Cards, Home Loans, Insurance and Banking. Services in global perspective: International marketing of services; Recent trends; Key decisions in global marketing; Services strategy and organising for global marketing. To study in Mba in Hotel Management


Basic Legal Principles Governing Hospitality Operations – The Common Law Basis for Laws Governing the Hotelkeeper – The Hotelkeeper and the Law of Contracts, The Hotelkeeper and the Laws of Torts and Negligence – The Hotel’s Duty to Receive Guests and Its Right to Refuse Guests – The Hotel’s Duty to Protect Guests, The Hotel’s Right to Evict a Guest, Tenant, Restaurant Patron, or Others – The Guest’s Right to Privacy – The Hotel’s Liability Regarding Guests’ Property – Maintenance of Guest Registers,  Frauds Committed Against Hotels and Crimes of Trespass – Other Laws Relating to Food Service – Wage and Hour Laws Applicable to Hotel Employees, Consumer Protection Laws Affecting Hotels – Public Health and Safety Requirements. To study in Mba in Hotel Management


Globalisation & tourism sector, Globalisation & the business world, the tourism industry, challenges, Factors affecting Global & regional tourist movements, Contemporary trends in international tourist movements. The emergence of international hotels & tourisms , development of chains, development abroad, airline connection, Political aspects of the international travel, tourism Barriers to travel, tourism investment & business, regulations, national tourism organizations, political stability, travel advisories, political risk,  International hotels, Operating in a multinational environment , International rules & regulations, Understanding cultural diversity, International tourism sales & marketing – Market research, developing an international marketing strategy, understanding various travel distribution systems viz GDS, product positioning, Global competition & the future -Long -term tourism growth trends, tourism growth in major regions, transportation developments, technology & automation, Development issues, tourism & the environment. To study in Mba in Hotel Management


History of Tourism both International and National, Definition, nature, importance,components and typology of tourism. Concepts of domestic and international tourism, recent trends. Organization of both national and international in world in promotion and development – WTO, IATA, UPTAA, AI,IATO, etc. Growth and development of tourism in India, National Action Plan 1992.Impacts of tourism-economics, social, physical and environmental, Tourism trends world over and its futuristic study. Emerging trends in tourism—health tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism . To study in Mba in Hotel Management

7 – TOURISM PRODUCTS – Full Marks – 100

Define Product. Difference with service Industry. Tourism Product – its salient features components, Tourism resources as products. Socio cultural Resource – Architectural Heritage of India: Historical monuments of tourism significance – ancient, medieval and modern – Important historical/archaeological sites, Museum, art galleries and libraries – their location, assets and characteristics. Important shrines of the Hindus, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, Christians and others. Performing Arts – Classical dance forms and styles, Indian folk dance, classical vocal music gharanas/schools. Handicrafts & Handloom Fairs and festivals of India. National Tourist Resource: Tourist resource potential in mountain with special reference to Himalayas. India’s main desert areas, desert safaris and desert festival. Coastal areas, beaches and islands: with special reference to Andaman and Nicobar islands. Introduction to Marketing: The Concept of marketing, Nature, classification and characteristics of services and their marketing implications. Methodology considerations and pricing of Tour Packing, designing and printing of Tour Brochure. To study in Mba in Hotel Management


Business environment – The concept and significance – constituents of business environment – Business and society , Business & ethics – Social responsibility – Environmental pollution and control. Business and culture- Business and Government – Political system and its influence on business – Indian constitution – Directive Principles of State Policy. Managing Ethics- meaning and types – framework of organizational theories and sources – ethics across culture – factors influencing business ethics – ethical decision making – ethical values and stakeholders- ethics and profit. Corporate Governance – structure of Boards reforms in Boards – compensation issues – ethical leadership.  Globalisation of the economy – trends and issues, Politics and environment, MNCs and Government relationships- Introduction to GATT and WTO. Fiscal policy – central finances and new fiscal policy – Direct and indirect Tax structure, VAT, MODVAT – Service Tax problems and reforms -Expenditure Tax – Public debts &deficit financing, Legal environment of business – Monopolies – Company Law, Competition Act 2002. Foreign Exchange Management Act- Securities and exchange board of India Act Customs and Central Excise Act – Central and State sales Tax – Consumer protection Act Patents Act. To study in Mba in Hotel Management

9 – STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT – Full Marks – 100

Corporate strategic planning , Environmental Analysis & Internal Analysis of Firm, Strategy formulation, Tools of Strategy Planning and evaluation, Strategy implement & Control, Future of Strategic Management. best Mba in Hotel Manage ment course in kolkata


6 months Industrial Training in Luxury hotels is compulsory for Mba Hotel and Tourism Management.


All Degree Courses – Post Graduate & Under Graduate is under AICTE, UGC, DEC, Min of HRD , Govt of India Approved University.

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