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BNG Hotel Management Kolkata, is among the finest hotel management institutes in India, The college and its courses have been designed to teach promising and talented younger girls and boys who wants to take on the hospitality industry as career. The whole gamut of hospitality and hotel operations is included in distinct fields under the equipped guidance of a educated and skilled group of faculty. BNG strives to provide need-established official training to a multitude of young and aspiring hoteliers… In simulated atmosphere close to real existence.

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BNG Hotel Management Kolkata Campus

BNG Hotel Management Kolkata’s popular state-of-the-art infrastructure include two kitchens, housekeeping model rooms, laundry, linen room, guest rooms, bakery practical, large computer and front office practical labs with various PMS Software, advanced restaurant, student cafeteria, seminar halls, library with an excellent collection of books, journals, and rare titles.. .

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Hotel management course from BNG Hotel Management College will provide you with qualitative theoretical, practical and on the job industrial training so that you’re able to take on the hospitality industry… .



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What is Hotel Management? … Hotel Management is the study of unique professional management techniques and strategies relating to hotel administration, operation and catering. Hospitality is an engaging, sociable working environment, with career opportunities wherever you go! Hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and bars are a few establishments that make up the exciting industry. .

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In this section you will find details about hotel management, current trends, Salaries for different job profiles in the hotel industry, blog posts, discussion on various hotel management subjects and topics…

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