Audio Visual Classroom at BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

The Institute has a very modern Audio Visual Classroom and seminar hall with a sitting capacity of 200 persons wherein hi-tech facilities like electronic board, electronic podium, projector, etc. are available providing a house for the guest lectures and workshops.

The audio visual class rooms of BNG Hotel Management Kolkata contributes equally in branding it as some of the high hotel management colleges in kolkata.  The Wi-Fi facility set up within the lecture rooms maintains the scholars well linked with the relaxation of the arena. The utterly Air-Conditioned class rooms of the institute make sure that the point of interest of the pupils remains on the learning and no longer on the weather external. Also, the audio visual facilities in each and every classroom offer a 360-measure finding out experience to the batch. The study room has such an air of mystery that encourages a studying atmosphere among the students and even the faculties have a good time educating new standards.


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