Student Canteen at BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

BNG has an air–conditioned canteen / cafeteria for students with more than 100 covers sitting capacity and all the modern amenities like television, music system and dish washer.

Student Canteen rules and regulations

  • BNG Hotel Management Kolkata discourages use of soft drinks. Healthful food and drinks are on hand within the school Canteen
  • Smoking, ingesting, playing cards and such different acts of misdemeanour are strictly prohibited within the canteen.
  • Parking through pupils within the BNG Hotel Management kolkata campus is exactly prohibited. Nonetheless in a targeted case the prior permission of administrator have got to be bought. The college authorities might not be responsible for any loss if these stored unlocked or in any other case outside the campus.
  • No pupil or team of pupils is allowed to make unauthorised collection in the name of scholars, Disciplinary/legal motion will also be taken in opposition to those determined responsible.
  • All pupils must look up the Canteen notice Board at least twice a day.
  • Permission form the administration need to be obtained for conferences to be held anyplace in the BNG hotel management Kolkata premises. Failing to do so shall be dealt with as an act of indiscipline.
  • No Society, membership or organization will be known or allowed to operate unless the approval of the college, in regard to its formation and structure, has been received.
  • All notices on the discover Board, that do not bear the signatures of the major, Professors-in-charge or college officers, have no validity. No person is permitted to position up any poster or realize of his/her own. Defaulters shall be punished.
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