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Cleaning is primarily the removal of dust and dirt Dust being composed of loose particles is removed comparatively easily by the use of various types of equipments. All this dirt require the use of cleaning agent in conjunction with the right equipments, if it is to be removed efficiently. #CleaningAgents in general can be defined as natural or synthetic substance that are used to assist the cleaning process. Below given the name of various cleaning agents along with the uses

  • Water- It is the universal solvent and the prime agent in the cleaning process. However though an excellent solvent water alone is not a sufficiently effective cleanser to meet the standard of hotel require. For water to be effective in cleaning it must be used in conjunction with the other cleaning agents like detergent, soaps and so on.
  • Detergent- these are cleaning agents which when used in conjunction with water loosen and remove the dirt, and then hold in suspension so that the dirt is nor redeposited on the cleaned surface. Detergents are of two types. Soapy detergent and synthetic detergent.
  • Abrasives- These are the substance or chemicals that depends on their rubbing or scratching action to clean dirt and grit from hard surface. They are used to remove vary stubborn stain. They are the strongest cleaning agents

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  • Acids- Acids as cleaning agents may be used in solution alone or may be part of some special formulation as in toilet cleaner. Housekeeping staff need to be trained in the safe handling of strong acids because they are highly corrosive. Acids basically eat away dirt. Acids should be used in less quantity.

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  • Alkali’s- These are used as cleaning agents in a form of liquid and powder. Very strong alkali should be used with the utmost caution as they are corrosive and toxic. They are known as caustic alkali’s. Caustic soda based cleaning agent are use to clear the block drains.

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