Top 25 Things You Should Never Do in Restaurant

Do’s & Don’t s in a Restaurant

The general Don’ts listed as below shall give general habits/etiquette which are allowed, not allowed respectively in a Hotel/Resort and its outlets: Remember Guest always comes first.

1.  Don’t sit down in the restaurant
2.  Don’t eat the food of the guest when returned to kitchen
3.  Don’t chit-chat with your college in front of the guest
4.  Don’t speak loud or shout.
5.  Don’t run in the restaurant
6.  Don’t scratch your head
7.  Don’t bite your nails
8.  Don’t play
9.  Don’t flirt with the guest
10.  Don’t smoke
11.  Don’t ask for tip

Restaurant dos and donts by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Restaurant dos and donts by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

12.  Don’t gum
13.  Don’t burp
14.  Don’t gossip about the guest
15.  Don’t laugh at guest
16.  Don’t play with the guest
17.  Don’t steal
18.  Don’t be over-pushing
19.  Don’t speak about the company with the guest
20.  Don’t sleep.
21.  Don’t put your finger in your nose
22.  Don’t use the resort’s phone for private use
23.  Don’t use your mobile phone
24.  Don’t touch the guest
25.  Don’t put your hands in the pocket

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