Food and Beverage Service Briefing (Pre-shift)

The objective of Food and Beverage Service Briefing is to provide and update information for all F&B associates commencing the shift.

It is the policy of the F&B Department; a service briefing is conducted before every shift in each outlet. The purpose of this policy is to communicate relevant information to service associates and to ensure a professionally operating outlet.

– Shortly before the service of a meal period starts (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) a service briefing must be organized by the Manager or Captain. The briefing should be short and concise not exceeding 10-15 minutes.

The briefing should inform these topics:

– Station allocation for all associates
– Daily special by consulting the Chef therefore, one special every day in every outlet and the Gourmet menu at the Restaurant.
– Special drinks; always recommend 3 drinks.
One glass of sparkling wine or rose, one non-alcoholic cocktail, and one alcoholic cocktail
– Two to three open wines to promote.

During briefing explain individual items and ask specific questions to ensure the comprehension of given explanations.
– VIP, repeated guests or other guests who need special attention.
– Reservations including table assignments and special remarks.
– Who is up selling wines (besides the managers and captains).
– New instructions, memos, birthdays and information issued by the management.
– Target sales to achieve and what the outlet has achieved the day before.
– Non-available food items.
– Non-available wines.
– One negative (to be improved issue) followed by one positive remark from the day before.

Extend the briefing by doing training of 10 – 15 minutes before or after the briefing.

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