Institute has separate hostels for boys & girls with a capacity of 100 & 80 , respectively. Hostel seats are available for all admitted students in 1st year of Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hotel Management -3 Years, Mba in Hotel Management, MSc Hotel Management, Hotel Management Diploma in Hotel Operation -18 Months, Diploma in Hotel Operations 6 Months and Hotel Management Courses International. Hostel residents avail mess facilities serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Each week offers a variety of menus. Both the hostels have separate lounge with Television, Carrom Board, Chess & Other indoor games. Institute has a play zone at its terrace.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

  • Smoking is not allowed in the complex at anytime.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • All fans, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use.
  • Common in-house furniture must not be moved without the permission of the accommodation officer.
  • Shouting, calling out, whistling and singing aloud will not be tolerated.
  • A student parents may be allowed to visit a student in his room with the permission of the Warden.
  • Hostlers are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common areas in the hostel such as visitor’s area, bathrooms, stair case, and common room etc clean and tidy at all times.

We at BNG Hotel Management Kolkata, feel privileged to extend our hospitality to all the Students. To make your stay comfortable, enjoyable & safe, we offer to you friendly, clean, secure and affordable accommodation with more cultural experiences, more vibrant events and high-quality service. Our Hostels are open to all students persuing any hotel management courses. It is a non-smoking, non drug/alcohol area. From private rooms to a dorm bed for the night with shared facilities, we always meet assured standards which guarantee good quality safe accommodation at affordable prices.

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  1. surojit mondal

    i want to know about the fees for BHM course. I aslo want to know is any admition test is going to happen? Please reply to my questions as soon as possible

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