Hotel Accounting Application – Hotel Computer Applications

Here in this article we will discuss about hotel accounting application and application of computers in clerical and administrative functions (tactical and strategic hotel computers).

The Hotel Accounting Application of computers to accommodation management is of great interest because this is generally the area that offers the greatest potential for improvement. Cost reduction, better management information, de-skilling, reduced training and the prospect of more interesting and worthwhile work are the areas of application.

Integrated Hotel System and Hotel Accounting Application

Very often the same piece of information is used more than once in a hotel by one department on one or more

occasions, and also by several departments. The repetitive types of jobs are done on computers very efficiently without boredom. For example, the tasks like pay roll processing or accounting, used on number of occasions for various purposes such as at reservation enquiry for check of status on guest history, reservation confirmation for address, reservation amendment for locating record on file, arrival list for identification, registration card for legal requirement, telephone for identification, bill folio and watch list for credit control, departure list for identification, guest history for marketing analysis and sales promotion, and mailing list for sales etc. This needs copying of information from one document to another. Multi-part forms may be designed, for example, G.R. card, ‘C form, arrival notification slips and folio may all be performed by one set of entry. In a computer system it is possible to takes advantage of these constant references to the same sets of data by integrated data processing. In this technique, the attempt is made to correctly record each data once and then to utilize it in that same form in every possible way to elicit information for planning and control purpose of the operation.

The following examples show Hotel Accounting Application for clerical and administrative functions of a hotel.

The Tactical Hotel Computer

In this case one or more computer work stations are available to each department of the hotel, providing middle managers with a list to assess the nature of decisions as they arc encountered. At this point, the computer moves beyond the stage of simply facilitating the ordinary business functions of the hotel. It will be using some data which is external to the hotel to influence tactical decisions. Thus corporate success is beginning to depend on the design and Hotel Accounting Application of the hotel’s computer based information systems. Managers need to know which data to use for problem solving and which techniques to apply to those data sets. The availability of machines performing various types of functions have removed constraints which had previously limited, owing to its complexity, the processing of data. Computer-based information system is very valuable to middle managers for tactical planning.

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