Hotel Computer Training at BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Information Technology is becoming part of every industry and is becoming essential tool for teaching. As computer has become essential, we at BNG have introduced Hotel Computer Training classes for all courses so our students become familiar with the technology and are not afraid to experiment and learn what is new. Most computers in computer lab have internet connectivity that help students for their assignments, projects etc.

As the future of hospitality will be led by technology, BNG Kolkata offers students access to state-of-the-art technological interventions. Students are taught on the latest Property Management Systems and Point-of-Sale Management Systems at the Computer Training lab. The campus is Wi-Fi connected for easy access to communication and information.

Objective of the Hotel computer training

Students learn all about computer in hotel industry, uses of computer in hotel management, the role of computer in hotel management, importance of computer in hotel industry, relevance of computer application in hospitality industry, computer application in hotel industry and various applications of computer in hotels.

BNG Hotel Management Kolkata also provide free Hotel computer training manuals to all students and advance theory and practical resources to the students who would like to establish their career in the field of Hospitality IT.

Hotel computer training is one year programme and scheduled as compulsory for 3 hrs a week.

Subject with which Hotel computer training is attached is

Hotel Computer Applications – D13 – Full Marks – 400

You can also find various topics related to Hotel computer training at Hotel Computer Applications Notes and Journals

Hotel computer training – Practical Resources

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