Hotel Housekeeping Desk control

Hotel Desk control 1The housekeeping desk control is the nerve center of the entire department and its efficiency determines the smooth operation and effectiveness of the housekeeping. It is an important area for transferring various information to the various outlet department. The location of desk control is normally near the Executive house-keepers office. The desk has been manned 24 hours a day, otherwise the lifeline communication will be stopped. The area of control desk has large notice board which shows the main information’s for the various housekeeping staff. The notice board displayed the following things. 1. Room no and number of room occupied per day 2. Special night cleaning schedule 3. Notice of V.I.P. in house and duration of stay 4. Duty roaster of all the staff 5. Any other information Control Desk co-ordinate with the various departments by communications through telephone regarding All maintenance tasks.

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