Housekeeping Practical Training for hotel management students

Housekeeping Practical Training is very important in order to train students of Hotel Management in the field of Housekeeping Services, a mock hotel room is prepare in the block. Students practice various housekeeping functions in the highly equipped room with all sort of upholstery, furnishings & fixtures present along with attached rest room.

Housekeeping is always very crucial to hospitality / hotel operations. Housekeeping Management salaries are always comparable with other management positions in the hospitality industry. All departments relay on them for proper facilitation of their work. Housekeeping does respect the other operational departments and cooperate with them always. The Executive Housekeeper holds a senior position equivalent to a Food and Beverage Manager or Front Office Manager and reports to the General Manager directly.

Group hotels also recruit one Corporate Housekeeper who is the senior most housekeeping resource to guide all other hotel general managers within the group. There are so many Executive Housekeepers who have risen to General Manager’s posi¬tions in hospitality industry. Housekeeping is considered as a specialist position and has its own hierarchy which is equivalent or more senior to a General Manager’s position. Director of Housekeeping, Area Executive Housekeepers or Corporate Housekeepers are few positions who earn great salaries as well as higher command status equivalent to other senior positions in the company.

Salaries for skilled housekeeping employees and supervisors are fine enough for a basic standard of living supported by other statutory perquisites like leave, transportation, ESI, medical leave, maternity leave, and HRA [house rent allowance]. Most of the hotels support the salary with job related benefits such as on duty meals, uniforms, laundry, pick up and drop facilities. These facilities make earnings more than comfortable who work in housekeeping. At the management levels, the earning and benefits are so good that this career becomes equal to any other profession within hotels and other industries.

BNG Hotel Management Kolkata also provide free Housekeeping Practical Training manuals to all students and advance theory and practical resources to the students who would like to establish their career in the field of Hospitality Housekeeping.

Housekeeping Practical Training is divided into three/two years and scheduled as compulsory for 6 hrs a week.

Subjects with which Housekeeping Practical Training is attached with are ..

Housekeeping, Hygiene & Sanitation     – D14 – Full Marks – 400
House Keeping Management         – D24 – Full Marks – 400
Accommodation Operation Management     – D33 – Full Marks – 400

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Housekeeping Practical Training Resources

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