How to clear Tables when Guests are around

The objective of this procedure is to ensure that guests don’t get disturbed while items are being cleared at the table.
To clear the table it is important to leave the table clean and tidy; satisfying the guest wile they remain at the outlet, even if they have finished eating. Also that neighbouring table resetting is efficient and does not disturb guests who are sitting next to it.

Procedure of clearing Tables

  • After the procedure of clearing main course, dessert, etc; many guests like to stay at the table to enjoy another coffee, a cigar, or a digestive.
  • Items like glasses and bread plates should have already been cleared. If this is not the case always ask the guest if you can clear the item before taking it. The water glasses and coffee cups are left there.
  • Always use a tray to clear items.
  • Check for dirty ashtrays, and dirty linen.
  • Don’t disturb the guest when clearing the table.
  • Guests should not get or feel the idea that they should leave the outlet because they have finished eating.
  • The napkin stays on the table until guest leaves.
  • For Banqueting the guest napkin is removed before coffee service.
How to clear Tables at Restaurant by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
How to clear Tables at Restaurant by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

To Clear neighbouring guest tables:

  • Clear neighbouring guest tables quietly without disturbing guests who are seating next to it.
  • Remove all items on the table completely.
  • Use the correct way of; removing and replacing table cloths at the same time.
  • Prepare all items to be set in advance.
  • Reset the table as per standard.
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