How to lay Table Cloth

It is a responsibility of Food Servers (Waiter/Waitress) and F&B Runners to insure that a clean and well ironed table cloth is always used in all outlets. The objective of this procedure is to ensure that tablecloths are set correctly with the middle crease pointing towards the respective corners of the outlet at the same level.

Procedure to lay Table Cloth

  • Tablecloths are taken out of the clean laundry dispenser.
  • Re-check table cloth for damage/stains and proper ironing.
  • Holding on one of the corners, open and unfold the tablecloth on the table.
  • Staff must be sure to use the correct size of tablecloth for the respective table.
  • Once the tablecloth is on the table, double check that all the creases are set in the correct
    direction, and that the tablecloth is on the correct side and leveled.


Molton : The Molton is exactly the same size as the table
Table cloth : It’s the visible, most important part of the table laundry items, and should
always be set up with care
Napperon : Mostly the Napperon will be placed diagonally to the table cloth. It’s important that the four edges of the Napperon hang down on each side equally.
First put the folded table cloth on the table, with the middle edge above and the two open edges below. Hold the table cloth with the middle edge between your thumb and forefinger and the middle finger. Now lift the table cloth and swing the open part

Over the opposite table edge. Then open the thumb and forefinger to free the middle edge, release the cloth and spread it evenly across the table. The table cloth must hang down on each Side equally. When covering a round table ensure that the four edges of the cloth hang evenly and that the middle fold of the cloth is aligned with a corner of the room. To make a proper set-u you need experience, that’s why you have to practice a lot. But later you will find it easy after you have practiced it.

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