How to Serve Food in Restaurant

Always ensure that all guests are serve d with the highest quality of service possible, using the correct tools and methods.

Procedures to Serve Food

– All associates that serve food to guests must ensure that the item picked-up is the correct one.
– Items served will be at the correct temperature, with its proper presentation, and any other necessary equipment/condiments.
– Condiments are served before the course.
– Food and beverage must be transported on a tray (for room service, Thai items/or where appropriate) or if pre-plated by hand only.
– Pre-plated items are served with a service napkin for every food item which is served hot (main courses, grill items etc) from the kitchen; any other items (or items with an underliner/under plate like for hot soups) are served without a service napkin (salads, desserts etc).
– Food items which are served hot are always served with a hot plate. The following list indicates the basic procedure of how to serve food and beverage:
– Double check each item with the order.
– Take all the necessary or extra material that goes with each item (underliners, spoon etc).
– Some hotel/ Restaurants may use “dome gloche / cover” to cover hot plates which have to spotless and properly maintained at all times.

Serving of Food Items by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Serving of Food Items by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

– (Load the tray) and approach the correct table. Before leaving, you must have already prepared any other necessary arrangements at the guests table, or the service station.
– Check the order to ensure that each item matches with whatever the guest has ordered. A seating plan is recommended for groups exceeding 6 pax, indicating each item guests have ordered.
– Inform the guest if the plate is hot.
– Don’t put your fingers inside the plates or glasses.
– Don’t cough or sneezes near the plates, turn your back and use your arm to cover your mouth.
– Don’t cross your arm across the table, to reach other guests.
– Serve all items at the same time.
– Serve each item to the right person, clockwise starting with the women first.

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