Kitchen training at BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

The college has excellent facilities for the kitchen training. the food production department Equipped with state of the art cooking ranges and all the modern facilities these food production labs are a student’s delight to work in.

About kitchen training at food production lab of BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

This kitchen training is used primarily to introduce the art of cooking. It deals with basic preparation of ingredients, commodities and handling of equipment’s. It also helps students in preparation of the other kitchen and is a liaison between them. It acts as a base for students leading towards advanced training where after having mastered the basics, the students are provided with the advanced knowledge of particular cuisines and their respective presentation in this area. The cuisines which are considered for training are Indian, Oriental, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

BNG Hotel Management Kolkata also provide free food production / kitchen Training Practical manuals to all students and advance theory and practical resources to the students who would like to establish their career as a Chef.

Food production / Kitchen Training Practical is divided into three/two years and scheduled as compulsory for 6 hrs a week.

Subjects with which food production / kitchen Training Practical is attached with are ..
1 – Food Production & Pattisserie – D11 – Full Marks – 400
2 – Food Production & Pattisserie – D21 – Full Marks – 400
3 – Catering Management & Menu Planning Techniques – D31 – Full Marks – 400

You can also find various topics related to food production / kitchen Training Practical at Food production / kitchen  Practical Notes and Journals

Food production / kitchen Training Practical Resources

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