Picking Up Food and Beverage Orders

The objective of this procedure is to ensure that all Food & Beverage associates have the knowledge of how to pick-up food and beverage orders properly.

Procedure of Picking Up Food and Beverage Orders

  1. All associates are aware of the importance to pick up food and beverages at the designated areas.
  2. First food item(s) must be served within 10 minutes.
  3. For In-room dining food item(s) must be served within 30 minutes.
  4. First beverage item(s) must be served within 4 minutes.
Picking Up Food and Beverage Orders by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Picking Up Food and Beverage Orders by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Directions/Points to remember while pickup food and beverage orders

  1. Don’t backtrack or crisscross the traffic of your fellow workers or guests who are coming in. Let guests pass first, let associate with heavy loads pass first as well.
  2. Always ensure there is a smooth flow of traffic in service, but never run.
  3. It is best to pass by the right of your fellow workers.
  4. When you are coming from behind a guest or a worker with a loaded tray, always remember to warn him to prevent accidents (“Excuse me Name of Associate/Guest/Mr/Mrs/Ms”).
  5. Use a direct route to the kitchen/bar.
  6. Always follow entrance and exit rules of the kitchen to prevent accidents. (In & Out).
  7. Learn to wait for your turn.
  8. Never stand around in the kitchen/bar waiting for your food, Food & Beverage Runners or Food Servers must calculate their most efficient and optimize timing in order to do all side jobs necessary (as listed below for example) whilst the beverages or food is being prepared!
  9. Know what you have to pick-up as well with the table number.
  10. Did you make sure that all your mise-en-place is ready as to serve the guest without delay?
  11. Did you make sure that the ashtray was changed before you will serve the guest, and wine or beverage service has been done or refilled?
  12. Did you inform the guest if he had to wait a long time that you have checked with the kitchen and that his food is on his way?
  13. Did you apologize for the delay?
  14. Did you ask the guest, if he would care for another drink before you bring the food?
  15. Did you refill the glass with his wine before you brought the food?
  16. And remember…NEVER WALK EMPTY!
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