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BNG is implementing a new progress report. We value the opportunity to communicate to parents and students about growth, progress and opportunities for improvement. The new progress report aims to support students in understanding what they need to do and understand by giving them appropriate descriptive feedback. The new progress report reflects a focus on becoming competent learners in each subject area.

BNG believes in optimizing learning for all students and we look forward to continuing the partnership with parents as we communicate student progress.

A critical element of any student’s learning experience is the need for informed and meaningful feedback to those invested in the student’s progress.  Reporting on student progress must have a well-defined purpose for it to be meaningful.   It must clearly identify the information needing to be communicated, the audience it is intended for and how that information will be used to improve future or related learning.

BNG has identified three primary purposes for reporting student progress:

1.To communicate student growth to parents and the broader community.
2.To provide feedback to students for self-evaluation.
3.To document student progress and the effectiveness of instructional programs.

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Because reporting student progress serves a variety of purposes, we believe no one method of reporting is capable of serving all purposes well.  A multi-faceted comprehensive reporting system is essential.  Multiple means of reporting progress is divided into two subsets, individual and whole College reports. Within these subsets, the means for reporting may include but are not limited to:

Individual Subset – report cards, progress reports, standardized testing, evaluated projects and assignments, portfolios and exhibitions of student work, homework, individual web pages, parent-teacher conferences, student-teacher conferences, and student led conferences.

Whole College Subset- Standardized testing, open houses, classroom and newsletters, portfolios and exhibitions of student work, and college web pages.
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