Restaurant Manager – Sample Task List

Following are the list of task a restaurant manager is likely to follow in a restaurant.

Morning / Afternoon / Evening of a Restaurant Manager

  1. Check if set-up is completed for breakfast
  2. Check if granite tops/furniture/cushions are cleaned/ brushed-off
  3. Check for flies and mosquitoes, spot-spraying if necessary
  4. Check if all lights are on (Refer to separate Light Schedule) and all lights are working
  5. Check if flower arrangements are on the tables
  6. Check if furniture maintenance is on process
  7. Check if folding of napkins is in progress
  8. Set table plan for breakfast and lunch/dinner service
  9. Check if laundry is returned and received
  10. Check if condiments are refilled
  11. Check if service equipment is ready for lunch setup
  12. Check if coffee machine(s) are clean
  13. Check all reservations, packages for respective service period
  14. Check all closing reports, remittance controls, void reports, breakages and logbooks
  15. Check if garbage has been collected and disposed
  16. Check daily specials and up-selling items for today
  17. Check if fruit baskets have been delivered, according to arrivals, long-staying, expected and show rooms
  18. Check if all sugar bowls are refilled
  19. Check tea box and stationeries for refilled equipment and cutlery
  20. Check if pantries are cleaned
  21. Check restaurant if setup is completed for dinner
  22. Check weather conditions, setup outside area according to respective SOP
  23. Check for non-available F&B items
  24. Check if all lights are on (Refer to separate Light Schedule) Check all condiments
  25. Brief team as per separate SOP (VIP, specials, drinks, reservations, menu of the day)
  26. eck if associate has updated the today’s guest history profiles
  27. Brief Night Shift and advice for special requirements (If applicable)
  28. Check if cutlery and glass polishing is in progress
  29. Check laundry and return it when evening shift has finished
  30. Check if flower arrangements have been returned to the florist room
  31. Check if all fans are off, windows closed (If applicable)
  32. Check if music is switched off (If applicable)
  33. Follow closing procedure
  34. Check and collect Void Reports (MGR’s only)
  35. Check if all stores are closed & locked
  36. Check breakage and fill out report
  37. Check if all pantries are clean, neatly and tidy Check general cleanliness
  38. Check par stock (If applicable to properties Inventory Procedure)
  39. Check if all surfaces, dishwashing machine and cabinets are cleaned
  40. Complete the Daily Outlet Sales Report
  41. Reconciliation: Compare actual sold and ordered orders/checks and report your findings in the logbook Inform Chef and Cost Controlling accordingly by log
Restaurant Manager - Sample Task List by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Restaurant Manager – Sample Task List by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
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