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Here in this article we will discuss and understand various selling techniques used in today’s hospitality industry.

  • Up sell (encourage a customer to consider buying a higher-priced product or service than originally anticipated by using Selling Techniques) to guests who have made prior reservations.
  • Maintain a full knowledge of the rooms for better Selling Techniques.
  • Convey information to guests about the other products available for sale at the property for example food and beverages. The objective of front office is to sell all available facilities at the hotel to the guests. Front office staff is the most important means of letting guests know what services are available.
  • Ensure that maximum revenue is generated from the sale of rooms by striking a balance between overbooking and a full house.
  • Obtain guest feedback.

Selling Techniques - for Hotel

Up selling rooms as a part of Selling Techniques

The front office assistant should be confident not business like when making suggestions. Rarely does a clerk quote minimum rate. The preferred approach is to provide guests with a choice of rates.

  1. Know the product is the most important part of Selling Techniques
  2. Control the encounter. Ask specific questions such as “we have a quiet double room in our club floor. Is that suitable for you?” avoid vague, open ended questions such as “what kind of a room are you looking for?”
  3. Sell high, but avoid high pressure selling techniques
  4. Always quote the full rate plus tax
  5. Turn negative aspect of a room or rooming situation into an advantage for the guest. For example, a room without a view becomes “quiet room”. A room near the elevator may be busy but quote it as handy and easily accessible.
  6. Sandwich the price between descriptive phrases. For example” one of our extra rooms at Rs 7500 plus tax, overlooking the park”. Or quote the price of more than one room, giving the guest a choice,” we still have double rooms for Rs 6500 but the ones with new minibar are RS 7500”.
  7. Ask for the sale. Once all information has been presented to the guest, the front office assistant must gently but resolutely close the sale.” if that is a suitable choice may I ask you to sign the registration card?” is an effective way to move negotiations to a close.
  8. Listen to guests’ conversational comments, “wow what a hot day. I could do with something cool.” they will help to determine their needs better and to sell other services of the hotel: “our poolside bars are open…”
  9. Sell the whole hotel by making suggestions for dinner or for drinks in the lounge, or for recreational facilities.
  10. Try to anticipate guest’ needs and offer services, suggestions and assistance.

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