Serving and Clearing Beverage

The objective of this procedure is to ensure that all associates have the correct knowledge of serving and Clearing Beverage during the service.

Serving and Clearing Beverage by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Serving and Clearing Beverage by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Procedure of serving and Clearing Beverages

  • Beverages are categorized in many sections, and so is the service of beverages.
  • Depending on what is being served, the correct serving method will be used at all times.
  • All beverages will be carried on a tray, with the correct glass and china (if applicable).
  • Glasses can’t be cleared with fingers inside! A tray must be used to clear all beverages.
  • Trays are to be carried with the left hand.
  • Serve the correct beverage to the correct guest.
  • Condiments are prepared and served first.
  • Beverages are served within 4 minutes of ordering by adhering to the SOP Standard.
  • Before laying beverage on the guest’s table, mention whatever you are serving to the guest, and remember that women are served first.
  • Whenever you see an almost empty glass, offer the guest if he/she would like another drink. Don’t sound too pushy or bother the guest by insisting every 5 minutes if he/she would like another one.
  • When leaving bottles on the table, make sure the label is facing the guest.
  • The logo on the coaster must face the guest.
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