Outsourcing contracts in hotel industry - A detailed discussion by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Automation in Hotel

Automation in Hotel Industry – Hotel Computer Applications Automation in Hotel Industry: Hotel Industry is now a days greatly influenced by automation and controlling Systems. Here in this article we …

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Business applications in hotels and restaurants

Hotel Business applications

Business applications – Hotel Computer Applications Business applications refers to any application that is important to running business. Business applications can range from large line-of-business systems to specialized tools. Consider …

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Hotel Reservations 2s

Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations Hotel Reservations is the process of the booking a room prior to the arrival of a guest. SOURCES OF Hotel RESERVATIONS Free Independent Travelers (FIT) – Individual guests …

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Culinary Terms B by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Culinary Terms B

Culinary Terms B 1.    #Baba : A light yeast cake, usually soaked in rum or spirit. 2.    BABA: A yeast raised cake, soaked in rum before serving. 3.   #BAIN-MARIE : …

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