Basic Indian Gravy Recipes by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Indian Gravy

Indian Gravy Indian traditional cuisine gives the image and the feelings of tantalizing food steeped in various fragrant spices and gravies enriched with different types of flavors through exotic and …

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various types of Poultry & Cooking

Poultry -Types & Cooking

Poultry Poultry is the name even to domestic birds. It includes the different variety and sizes of chicken, turkey, duck and goose. Classification of poultry: Identification of poultry: soft, floppy, …

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vegetable types

Vegetable -Type & Recipes

Vegetable In daily usage, vegetable is a part of a plant that is consumed by us as food and as part of  savory meal. The term of vegetable is some …

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pastry type recipe and cake

Pastry – Recipe & Types

Pastry Most kinds of pastry are made with a combination of flour, fat and a liquid to bind. The texture, flavour and colour of the resulting pastry will vary tremendously …

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pasta -aa

Pasta –Types & Recipe

Basic pasta and sauce There are many forms of pasta, most of which can categorized as Italian-style or Oriental. Italian-style pasta is primarily wheat-based. Oriental pasta made from variety of …

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