Culinary Terms S by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata


CULINARY TERMS S #Sabayon : Yolks of eggs and a little water cooked until creamy. #Saffron :The dried stigma of the crocus flower. used for adding colour and flavour. #Salmi …


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Alcoholic Beverages |Types | Brands

Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol is a volatile, mobile, colourless fluid with an ethereal odour, obtained by fermenting a liquid containing sugar, the strength of which can be further increased by distillation. …

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pastry type recipe and cake

Pastry – Recipe & Types

Pastry Most kinds of pastry are made with a combination of flour, fat and a liquid to bind. The texture, flavour and colour of the resulting pastry will vary tremendously …

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Culinary Terms H by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Culinary Terms H

Culinary Terms H 1.    #Haggis: A kind of bag pudding. made in Scotland. from liver. sheep’s head. etc.. finely minced and mixed with oatmeal, herbs. etc. 2.    #Hash :  A …

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Champagne -Types & Brands BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Champagne -Types & Brands

Champagne Champagnes are sparkling white wine made in the delimited region of Champagne in France by following the méthode champenoise. The Romans were the first inhabitants who planted vineyards at …

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Culinary Terms G by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Culinary Terms G

Culinary Terms G #BNG #BNGKolkata #HotelManagement #Food #CulinaryTerms #Galantine: Cooked meat that has been boned. pressed into a mould with jelly and served cold. 2.    Galette: A large quoit made …

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