Taking Orders in Restaurant

The objective of Taking Orders in Restaurant is to ensure that all orders taken in the outlets are clear and contain the correct information.
• This procedure will ensure that all guests receive the correct order, and the correct bill.
• For newer properties hand-written is only permitted for Executive Checks, if using computerized POS systems/ PDA’s etc.

Procedure for Taking Orders in Restaurant

• When a guest is ready to order, the order pad must be ready for use, with the two carbon copy papers in place/or the POS/PDA must be ready and started up connected to the system.
• Approach the table and start by making sure everyone has selected their order. If this is not the case, inform the guest you will be back in a couple of minutes. Assist the guest with recommendations, up-sell where appropriate.
• Take the women’s order first, and begin by writing down the starters/typing in the items into the POS/PDA.
• A line must be drawn between each course, dividing starters with the main course, then desserts, etc/use the applicable 1st, 2nd course button in the POS/PDA.
• Mark each item with its correct terminology and code, quantity of ordered item, preferences/accompaniments, dressings, side dishes and degree of doneness (where applicable).
• Repeat the order back to the guest to ensure no item has been missed-out by saying; “Mai I repeat your order Mr/Mrs/ Brown that would be…”
• The date/time, the number of guests and the table number must be included in each order and check/typed-in into the PDA/POS.
• After completion of the order taking at the table, order taker thanks the guest and proceeds with ordering/posting the order in the kitchen or system.
• It is normally the case (depending on PMS/POS system used) that Executive Checks are written down manually due to avoid an applicable service charge and taxes, since they are associates of the hotel/resort.

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