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Tequila : Ingredients, types and brand names

Tequila is a produce of Mexico land has become synonymous with the culture and heritage of the country. True tequila comes from the city of Tequila in south west Mexico. It is is made from the sap of wild mescal plant known as Tequila brands, shots, drinks, cocktails and various recipes by BNG Hotel Management Kolkataagave. Due to its unique combination of altitude, soil conditions, humidity, annual rainfall, average temperature and exposure to sun, south west Mexico is the only known place in the world where agave Azul grows (This sap is extracted and fortified with sugar before fermenting is distilled twice at a proof of 104 to 106 and treated with flavoring agents to distillate, which is filtered through charcoal to produce.

It is mostly made at a 38–40% alcohol [76–80 U.S. proof], but also can be produced between 31 and 55% alcohol content [62 and 110 U.S. proof]

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Tequila is traditionally drunk neat with a lick of salt. It is known to have very strong alcoholic content as much as gin and vodka Nowadays Mexicans drink tequila with tomato juice and name it Sangrita.


  • JOVEN ABOGADO – ‘Young and Adulterated’. Not aged, Not from 100% agave. Example of
  • BLANCO (Plata/Silver) – Maximum aging 2 months. Generally un-aged.
  • REPOSADO (Rested/Aged) – Rested for a period of two months to one year.
  • ANEJO (Aged) – Aged for minimum of one year but less than three years.
  • EXTRA ANEJO (Extra Aged) – Aged minimum three years in oak casks.
  • ORO (Gold) – It is a blend of plata with reposado. Often caramel is added.

Ingredients: Pulque (Juice of the sap) of Blue Agave, Century Plant (it is a type of cactus)


So what’s the world’s best brand of Tequila ?

  • 1800

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Apart from the above mentioned brand names there are other different types of liqueur available in the market. As Liquor.com says that it is good for much more than just Margaritas or shots. To find out more guidelines on how to makes it easy to find new and  favorite tequila and tequila cocktails…click here

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