Tutti Frutti is a Cold desert combination of two flavor pineapple and / or rose. It contains various other chopped & usually candied fruit items, or sometime an artificially created flavour that simulate a combined flavour of various  different types of fruits. The word Frutti explain a lot about the fruit contain of this popular desert. Its a very popular desert for all ages across the globe specially for the children’s.

Here in this recipe post we will learn how to make Tutti Frutti Ice Cream, Ingredients used in making Tutti Frutti Ice Cream, Methods of preparing tutti frutti step by step.

PREP TIME : 5 mins
TOTAL TIME : 7 mins

INGREDIENTS of Making Tutti Frutti :

1. Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 Scoop
2. Nuts(Chopped) – 30gm
3. Pineapple Syrup – 60ml
4. Rose Syrup – 60ml
5. Cherry-1 Pic
6. Cocktail Umbrella-1 Pic

INSTRUCTIONS and METHODS of  Making Tutti Frutti :

1.    Scoop a portion of ice cream in a glass.
2.    Add mixed fruit.
3.    Add 30 ml of mixed syrup.
4.    Again scoop a portion of ice cream in a glass.
5.    Add mixed fruit.
6.    Add rest 30ml of mixed syrup.
7.    Garnish with some cherry & cocktail umbrella.

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