Zabaglione Recipe

Zabaglione Recipe: Zabaione also written as sabayon, zabajone or zabaglione. The Italian pronunciation is dzabaʎˈʎoːne or dzabaˈjoːne. Zabaione is an Italian dessert, or sometimes a beverage, prepared with egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine called Marsala. Adding some spirits like cognac also enhance the taste of the dish. Zabaglione dessert is lighttly custard type dish whipped to incorporate a large amount of air into the Zabaglione.

INGREDIENTS of Zabaglione:

  1. egg yolk-4pic
  2. caster sugar-100gm
  3. marsala/white wine-90ml

Method of making Zabaglione:

  1. Beat together egg yolk & sugar until they are pale and creamy.
  2. Slowly add the marsala
  3. Place the mixture over bain marie & stir slowly until it thickenes , taking care  not to over cook , otherwise it will curdle.
  4. Serve immedietly in shorbet glass.

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