Bitters are used either a aperitif or for flavoring mixed drinks and cocktails. Its usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, and is therefore usually dry  rather than sweet. Here in this article we will discuss about  best bitters recipes, various bitters brands, bitters and its uses in cocktail, different substitutes of bitters, swedish bitters, what are digestive bitters, and popular drinks with bitters.

Bitters are always a commonly used bar ingredient considered as a necessary in the past of a cocktail recipes and used in many classic cocktails. The secret formulas include variety of herbs, fruits, spices, and roots distilled in a base liquor but  they are not meant to be consumed neat or on the rocks. we can also used them in cooking soups, salad dressings, fish and making pies.

Various brands of this tonics are introduced as medicinal tonics and slowly used in cocktails to increase the flavor only used by the dash. Now a days they are essential ingredient for making cocktails in the bar and different brands bring their own qualities to each cocktail.

The most popular varieties are:

Amer Picon. A very black and bitter French aperitif. Grenadine or Cassis is often added to make the flavour more acceptable. Traditionalists add water in a proportion 2:1.

Angostura. Takes its name from a town in Bolivia. However, it is no longer produced there but in Trinidad. Brownish red in colour, it is used in the preparation of pink gin and the occasional cocktail and may be regarded as mainly a flavouring agent.

Byrrfi (pronounced beerj): This is a style made in France near the Spanish border. It has a base of red wine and is flavoured with quinine and herbs and fortified with brandy.

Campari: A pink, bitter-sweet Italian aperitif that has a slight flavour of orange peel and quinine. Serve in an 18.93 cl (65 fl oz) Paris goblet or Highball glass. Use one 6 out measure on ice and garnish with a slice of lemon. Top up according to the guest’s requirements with soda or water (iced).

Branca. The Italian version of Amer Picon. Best served diluted with water or soda. Good for hangovers!

Underberg A German bitter which looks like and almost tastes like iodine. It may be taken as a pick-me-up with soda.

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