Food Production and Patisserie

Food production has evolved to emerge as the cynosure of Hospitality and Catering. Chefs are enormously respected members in the society. Students of Food Production and Patisserie starts their career as Apprentice cooks and Assistant cooks and grow to turn out to be chefs de cuisine (Head chef) to expect administrative duties. The scope of Food Production has been widening with way of life alterations occurring globally and growing attention on healthful consuming and responsible Tourism. Drawback for Hygiene and Sanitation and the evolved scientific and technological influences into all types of catering make this a difficult and lucrative legit avenue.

food production and patisserie with bng hotel management kolkata

The abilities for the progress of the Bread, Pastry and Biscuit industry the world over is ever on the rise and talents of Bakery and Confectionery is an major facet of Hotels and catering trade. Patisserie work enhances the manufacturer-attraction of Food and Beverage product and repair bundle offered by Hotels. Folks seeking a career in bakeries and hotel , or these longing to be entrepreneurs can make the pleasant use of coaching and certification through this path as many small and mid-sized properties meet their need for bakery and confectionery merchandise by means of outsourcing. Novices with an inventive flair to find this specialization absorbing.

BNG Hotel Management offers Certificate course on Food Production and Patisserie and various other courses on Hotel Management with Food Production and Patisserie as subject. These courses trains the students in areas of Food Production including Bakery and Patisserie. This trade has great demand, both nationally and internationally.

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