Hotel House Keeping

Pest Control Methods for Hotels and Restaurants by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Pest control for hotel

Pest control in hotels Pest cause the enormous amount of damage and cause a huge loss to the food business. …

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hotel work schedule and hotel duty roaster planning, management and amendment by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Work Schedule | Duty Roaster

Work Schedule and Duty Roaster for Hotel Industry A work schedule is a document that list the actual task to …

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light and lighting in hotel rooms, public area, and hotel room lighting design

Light and Lighting in Hotel

Light and Lighting for Hotel and Restaurants Light plays an important part in the comfort & safety of the occupant …

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Types soft furnishings, Care & cleaning of Curtains, Blinds, Loose covers, Cushions, Soft furnishing fabrics, Soft furnishing materials by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Soft Furnishing in Hotels

Soft Furnishing used in Hotels Soft furnishing includes curtains, loose cover, cushions, bedspread etc. & they contribute greatly to the …

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Safety awareness & basic accident prevention by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Safety awareness | Accident prevention

Safety awareness & basic accident prevention Safety awareness is the on going programs at all the establishment. The management of …

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Human Resource Job analysis by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Job Analysis | Human Resource

Job Analysis : Human Resource, Concept, Uses and Process Job analysis is the process of determining that what knowledge each …

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Cleaning equipments used in hotels by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Cleaning equipments

Cleaning Equipments Identifying classification and function of various cleaning equipments for Efficient cleaning and maintenance are dependent upon high quality …

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Outsourcing contracts in hotel industry - A detailed discussion by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Outsourcing Contracts

Outsourcing Contracts in Hotel – House Keeping Management Hotels are increasingly opting for contract services,and outsourcing contracts to sustain cost …

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hotel housekeeping in hotel industry

Housekeeping in Hotel

Housekeeping in Hotel The housekeeping in hotel is responsible for tidiness, maintenance and upkeepment of the organization. The role of …

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