Hotel House Keeping

Cleaning equipments used in hotels by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Cleaning equipments

Cleaning Equipments Identifying classification and function of various cleaning equipments for Efficient cleaning and maintenance are dependent upon high quality cleaning equipments , correctly used. Though only 5 to 10 …

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Outsourcing contracts in hotel industry - A detailed discussion by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Outsourcing Contracts

Outsourcing Contracts in Hotel – House Keeping Management Hotels are increasingly opting for contract services,and outsourcing contracts to sustain cost effective house-keeping operation and to ensure that the resource and …

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hotel housekeeping in hotel industry

Housekeeping in Hotel

Housekeeping in Hotel The housekeeping in hotel is responsible for tidiness, maintenance and upkeepment of the organization. The role of housekeeping is to keep clean, comfortable, and safe house. It …

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VIP Amenities in Hotels and rooms

VIP Amenities in Hotel

VIP Amenities in Hotel V.I.P. are getting extra facilities in all the hotels and also get a very carefully checked rooms. Usually Deputy house-keeper does this checking. All the V.I.P. …

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housekeeping duties and responsibilities bng kolkata hotel management

Housekeeping Duties and responsibilities

Housekeeping Duties and responsibilities #Housekeeping staffs can be divided into 3 categories as per their Housekeeping Duties and responsibilities. 1. Managerial- Executive- #Housekeeper / Head house-keeper 2. Supervisory- Assistant house-keeper, …

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Hotel Linen and uniform - bng hotel management

Hotel Linen and uniform

Hotel Linen and uniform -Hotel House Keeping Management Hotel Linen in house-keeping department is the second large expense. Hotel Linen is expensive to replace, and if it is well maintained, …

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hotel housekeeping and housekeeper

Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel housekeeping Competencies of housekeeping staffs Competencies are a set of behavioral traits and technical abilities that are suitable for a hotel housekeeping job. While new technical abilities are covered …

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Hotel Housekeeping Glossary by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Housekeeping Glossary

Housekeeping Glossary Here we have listed some commonly used housekeeping terms or housekeeping glossary for hospitality industry. Contingency plan- Planning done for uncertain events. Lounge- A place in a hotel …

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