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Please feel free to #browse through all of our available #downloads from the sections below. Each piece of document is available for immediate download. You may also request additional information regarding any of the products below by emailing us with any comments, concerns or questions you may have. Presently e-Library at #BNGKolkata contents books and journals on #HotelManagement , #CookingBooks , #RecipeBooks , #HousekeepingBooks , and various #Journals related to #HotelIndustry



A pass-searchable multidisciplinary database of digital books offering publications from essential tutorial publishers. New titles are being introduced generally in our e-library section.

An e-library (additionally referred to as digital library or digital repository) is a designated library with a centered assortment of digital objects that can incorporate text, visual material, audio fabric, video material, stored as digital media formats (versus print, microform, or different media), along with way for organizing, storing, and retrieving the documents and media contained in the library assortment. e-library s can fluctuate immensely in size and scope, and will also be maintained by individuals, businesses, or affiliated with centered bodily library buildings or associations, or with academic associations. The digital content may be saved locally, or accessed remotely through laptop networks. An electronic library is a type of knowledge retrieval process.

An e-library is a set of records in geared up electronic form, available on the net or on CD-ROM (compact-disk learn-handiest memory) disks. Relying on the particular library, a consumer could also be in a position to access journal articles, books, papers, images, sound records, and videos.

On the web, using a e-library is stronger by a broadband connection similar to cable modem or DSL. Dial-up connections can be utilized to access plain-textual content documents and a few records containing portraits, however for elaborate documents and those with animated video content, a downstream knowledge velocity of at least a number of hundred kilobits per second ( Kbps ) could make the person’s experience less tedious, as good as extra informative. Internet-headquartered e-library s can be updated on a every day foundation. This is one of the greatest property of this rising technology.

On CD-ROM, the amount of data is restricted to a few hundred megabytes ( MB ) per disk, however entry is on the whole so much turbo than on an internet connection. A couple of CD-ROMs can be mixed in a suite, and seeing that the disks are small, a gigantic library may also be accommodated in a reasonable bodily house. The main drawback of CD-ROM is the truth that updating cannot be executed as probably as on the internet and e-library. Additionally, producing and distributing CD-ROMs entails overhead expenses that are mostly nonexistent in e-library s.

e-library at BNG Hotel Management begun the venture of converting traditional books to electronic format for distribution on the web. Some files may also be viewed immediately in HTML structure; others can also be downloaded in PDF structure and printed. Some publishers maintain digital documents of books and produce them one unit at a time in printed and sure type on demand.

Electronic distribution of BNG has authors, sellers, and publishers concerned in regards to the possibility of copyright infringement. It is so much easier to repeat a CD-ROM, or to download an electronic book and make unauthorized copies of it, than it’s to reproduce sure volumes and distribute them illegitimately. Most important changes in copyright legislation – and/or alterations in the best way wherein the legal guidelines are enforced – are more likely to arise as e-library s develop and their use becomes extra fashionable.

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