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This is very antique competition of the Hindu faith which is dedicated to the God of energy, also known as Surya or Surya Shashti. Men and women have fun this competition to present due to the Lord Surya for blessing the lifestyles on the earth as ever. Folks worship the God sun very enthusiastically and pray for the well-being, success and progress of their household contributors, pals, and elders. In line with the Hinduism, solar worship is regarding the healing of a range of ailments similar to leprosy and and so forth.

The rituals at this day get up early in the morning, take a holy tub within the Gange and hold rapid for entire day, even they do not drink water and for a very long time they maintain themselves standing within the water. They offer prasad and aragh to the rising sun. It is celebrated within the quite a lot of states of India like Bihar, UP, Jharkhand and Nepal. Consistent with the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated at the sixth day of the month of Kartika (month of the October or November).

At some locations Chaiti Chhath can also be celebrated in the month of Chaitra (March or April) few days after Holi. It is named chhath given that it’s celebrated at the sixth day of the month of Kartika. Chhat puja is very noted within the Dehri-On-Sone, Patna, Dev and Gaya. Now it’s celebrated far and wide the country.

A protracted yr ago, there was once a king named, Priyabrat and his spouse Malini. They were living very fortunately but there was a gigantic sadness in their life as they have no child. They decided to make a enormous Yagya by the help of Maharishi Kashyap in an effort to be blessed with a baby. His wife grew to be pregnant when you consider that of the influence of Yagya. But she had given start to a lifeless baby after nine month. King used to be very unhappy and decided to suicide. Immediately, there got here a Goddess in entrance of him while suicide. Goddess stated that, i’m a Goddess Khashti, if any person would offer puja to me with pure mind and soul, he would definately get a youngster. The king, priyabrat did the equal and blessed with a very stunning and adorable baby. Considering then, men and women began celebrating the chhath puja.

Chhath puja has the best big within the Hindu faith and it’s assumed that the oldest Purohits were requested by means of the kings to come and perform the natural puja of the Lord sun. They chant the ancient Rigveda texts and a type of hymns for worshiping the sun. Within the historical Chhath puja were celebrated by way of Draupadi and the Pandavas of Hastinapur (New Delhi) for fixing their on the spot quandary and regaining their misplaced kingdom.
It is assumed that the Chhath puja was once first started through the Surya Putra Karna. He was once a nice warrior and had ruled over the Anga Desh (Munger district of Bihar) in the course of the Mahabharata period.
Worship of Chhathi Maiya (consort of the Lord Surya) is held at Chhath puja, Chhathi Maiya is often referred to as the Usha within the Vedas. Usha way daybreak (the dawn of the day). People pray to Chhathi Maiya to overcome their troubles as well as to get the Moksha or liberation.

One more historical past behind celebrating the Chhath puja is the story of Lord Rama. It’s considered that Lord Rama and Mata Sita had saved fast and present puja to the Lord solar within the month of Kartik in Shukla Paksh during their coronation after returning to the Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. From that point, chhath puja grew to become the colossal and common festival in the Hindu faith and started celebrating each yr on the same date.
Chhath puja has a specified significance during the dawn and sundown periods. The dawn and sundown are the fundamental intervals of the day throughout which a human body can safely get the sun energy with none damage. That’s why there’s a fantasy of supplying the Sanjhiya Arghya and Bihaniya Arghya to the solar on the Chhath pageant. For the period of this period the sunlight vigor has low level of ultraviolet radiations so it is nontoxic for the human physique. Folks participate in the Chhath puja so as to thank the Lord solar for continuing the existence on this planet as well as to get blessings.

The ritual of Chhath puja supplies the mental calmness (by using detoxifying the physique and mind), enhances the energy level and immunity, reduces the frequency of anger, jealous as good as lot of terrible feelings. It’s also believed that following the Chhath procedures helps in slowing down the growing old process. Such beliefs and rituals of the Chhath make it the most significant competition within the Hinduism.

The Chhath Puja, which is sometimes called Dala Chhath, is a huge competition celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and in lots of different states of India as well. The atmosphere sun is worship on this puja. Chhath puja is well known most elaborately in Bihar and also in materials of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and even Mauritius, regularly amongst Bhojpuri and Maithali speakme people. The puja is being accomplished due to the fact that time immemorial with unvarying faith that the sun God fulfills desires if the ritual of ‘araghya’ is provided with complete devotion. The folks additionally worship ‘Chhathi Maiya’ on this present day.

Happy Chhath Puja from bng
It’s mentioned that the Puja is being performed seeing that historic time via Draupadi, the wife of ‘Pandavas’ king during their exile from their kingdom. One day they were visited with the aid of 88 thousand ‘Bhikshuk’ (wandering hermits). As per Hindu customs, the friends are speculated to be treated well and offered food. But the Pandavas barely had ample food for themselves. Seeing the Pandavas in deep difficulty, Draupadi asked help from the noble sage Dhaumya, who was cheerful together with her merits of worshiping the sun God. Draupadi no longer best solved their instant quandary but her sun worship later helped Pandavas regain their lost Kingdom.

BNG wishes a very Happy Chhath Puja …

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