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Hotel Front office or reception is the first location where guests arrive and come in contact with the hotel employees. Hotel Front office is a place of work which is the replicate of a hotel. The operation of the hotel Front office is to instantly get in contact with patrons. The front administrative center can observe more knowledge in regards to the customer through asking them questions and provides reply. Extensively, hotel front office involves roles that affect the proper side (revenues) of trading assertion of the trade.

The front office receives expertise about the guests then will move onto the opposite division of the corporation. The Front office may additionally contact with marketing and sales department when the guests have questions about it. The company wishes to give coaching to the front office manager seeing that this position will contact with guests probably the most.

Employees working in the front office might also care for simple tasks, comparable to sorting emails and serving to on printing and typing tasks. front office employees have got to use extraordinary skills on applied sciences too, reminiscent of utilising the printers, fax machines and cell. This is the reason why training is required earlier than the staffs started to work, although some might best be easy duties. Essentially the most common work for the hotel front office worker will probably be a mixture of going in touch with purchasers and in addition serving to out internally within the office.

Hotel front office /reception is involving provider supply approach, where workers engage with guests. It makes use of the parameter of labor depth to figure out the distinct traits of a carrier.

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Job Descriptions of Hotel Front Office Personnel

Job Title : Hotel Front Office Manager.

Reports To: General Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the selection of front office personnel.
  2. Train, cross train and re-train all front office personnel.
  3. Schedule the front office staff.
  4. Supervise workload during shifts.
  5. Evaluate the job performance of front office employees.
  6. Maintain working relationship and communicate with all departments.
  7. Maintain master key control.
  8. Verify that accurate room status information is maintained and properly communicated.
  9. Resolve guest problem quickly, efficiently and courteously.
  10. Update group information, maintain, monitor and prepare group requirement. Relay to appropriate personnel.
  11. Review and complete credit limit report.
  12. Work within the allocated budget for front office.
  13. Review information from the previous shift managers and pass on details to the on coming managers.
  14. Check cashiers in and out and verify balance and deposits at the end of the shift.
  15. Enforcing all cash handling, cheque handlings and credit policies.
  16. Conduct regularly scheduled meetings of the front office personnel.


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Job Title :  Hotel Front Office Reservation Agent.

Reports To: Lobby Manager or Assistant Front Office Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Process reservation by mail, telephone, telex, fax or by central reservation system.
  2. Process reservation from the sales office, other hotel departments and travel agents.
  3. Know the type of rooms available as well as their locations and layouts.
  4. Know the selling status, rates and benefits of all package plans.
  5. Know the credit policy of the hotel and how to code each reservation.
  6. Create and maintain reservation records by date of arrival in alphabetical order.
  7. Determine room rates based on the selling tactics of the hotel.
  8. Prepare letter of confirmation.
  9. Communicate reservation information to the front desk.
  10. Process cancellations and modifications. Promptly relay this information to the front desk.
  11. Understand the hotels policy on guaranteed reservations and no shows.
  12. Process advance deposits on reservations.
  13. Track future room availability on basis of reservations.
  14. Help develop room revenue and occupancy report.
  15. Prepare expected arrival list for front office use.
  16. Assist in pre-registration activities when appropriate.
  17. Monitor advance deposit requirement.
  18. Handle daily correspondence: respond to enquiries and make reservations as needed.
  19. Make sure that files are kept up to date.


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Job Title : Hotel Front Office Telephone Operator.

Report To  : Lobby Manager or Assistant Front officeManager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Answers incoming calls.
  2. Directs calls to guest rooms, staff or departments through a PBX system.
  • PBX: Private Branch Exchange.
  • EPBX: Electronic Private Branch Exchange.
  1. Place outgoing calls.
  2. Receive telephone charges from telephone companies and forwards charges to front desk for posting.
  3. Take and distribute messages from guest.
  4. Log all wake up call requests and perform wake up call service.
  5. Provide information about guest services to guest.
  6. Answer questions about hotel events and activities.
  7. Know what action to be taken when an emergency call is requested or received.


Job Title: Hotel Front Office Cashier.

Reports To  : Assistant Front office Manager or Lobby Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Operates front office posting equipment.
  2. Obtains the house bank and keeps it balanced.
  3. Complete cashiers pre-shift supply checklist.
  4. Takes departmental reading at the beginning of the shift.
  5. Complete guest check in procedures.
  6. Post charges to guest account.
  7. Handle pay out vouchers.
  8. Cash guest cheques.
  9. Complete checkout procedures.
  10. Settle guest accounts.
  11. Handle cash, traveler’s cheque, personal cheque, credit card and direct billing request properly.
  12. Transfer folios paid by credit card to each credit cards master file.
  13. Transfer folio charges to the non-guest ledger to each company’s master file.
  14. Balance departmental totals at the close of shift.
  15. Manage safe deposit lockers.


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Job Title : Hotel Front Office Desk Agent

Reports To : Assistant Front Office Manager or Lobby Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Receive guest with a smile and answering queries of new arrivals and providing correct information. Efficient handling of new arrivals with allocation of rooms with delays, helping and guiding in filling of registration form.
  2. The receptionist handle walk in, regular guest who arrive without reservation, she politely refuses if the hotel is full.
  3. Allocation of rooms to group in co-ordination with the tour co-coordinator.
  4. Checks the house keeping reports with room status reports and see’s that are no discrepant.
  5. Know the location of the rooms and décor.


Job Title : Hotel Front Office Bell Captain.

Reports To : Lobby Manager or Assistant Front Office Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. He is responsible to the lobby manager for the conduct appearance and work performance of the bellboys.
  2. He controls the movement of bellboys.
  3. He fixes their duty router and allocates work accordingly.
  4. He checks with the reception about scanty baggage. He reports irregularities of suspicious persons to the lobby manager on duty.
  5. He prepares errand cards for the bellboys.


Job Title: Hotel Front Office Bellboy.

Reports To : Bell Captain.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. He is accountable for his actions to the bell captain.
  2. He carries luggage, parcels etc. to guest room. He shows the guest around the room.
  3. He should posses through knowledge about the topography of the hotel.
  4. office
  5. equipments He distributes newspapers to the guest.
  6. He should be familiar with luggage, storage procedures and luggage room.
  7. He keeps postage stamps available for guest request.
  8. He is responsible for paying of guest.
  9. He see’s that the C-Form is deposited to the nearest police station or the registration office.


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Job Title: Hotel Front Office Guest Relations Executive (GRE)

Reports to: Front Office Manager | Accommodations Director

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Answers letters of enquiry regarding rates and availability
  2. Maintains a thorough knowledge of types of rooms, package plans and discounts
  3. Maintains a detailed knowledge about the hotel’s services and hours of operations
  4. Note any special instructions in the Lobby Managers Log Book
  5. Check the arrivals and departures of the day, especially the VIPs and receive them or see them off
  6. Welcome guests as per the procedures set by management
  7. Offer assistance for any services required by guests
  8. Manage all guest complaints and take action appropriately
  9. Coordinate with group leaders at the time of arrivals and departures
  10. Maintain guest history cards of regular guests and VIPs
  11. Assist the sales in familiarization tours of the hotel
  12. Coordinate with concerned departments to resolve guest needs


Job Title: – Hotel Front Office Concierge

Reports to: Front Office Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develops a strong knowledge of the hotel’s facilities and services and of the surroundings
  2. Provides guests with directions to attractions or facilities in or outside the property
  3. Provides guests with information about attractions, facilities, services and activities in or outside the property
  4. Makes guest reservations for air or other forms of transportation when requested. Obtains necessary itinerary and tickets.
  5. Makes guest reservations for the theatre and other forms of entertainment when requested. Obtains necessary tickets and provides directions to facilities.
  6. Organizes special functions as directed by the management

He distributes mails to various departments as well as guest

  1. Arranges secretarial and other office services
  2. Coordinates guest requests for special services or equipment with the appropriate department
  3. Contacts room guests periodically to ask for any special needs
  4. Handles guest complaints and solves problems to the degree possible


Job Title: – Hotel Front Office Night Auditor

Reports to: Front Office Manager / Accounting Department

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Posts room charges and taxes to guest accounts
  2. Processes guest charge vouchers and credit card vouchers
  3. Posts guest charge purchase transactions not posted by the front office cashier
  4. Transfers charges and deposits to master accounts
  5. Verifies all account postings and balances
  6. Monitors the current status of coupon, discounts and other promotional programs
  7. Tracks room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other front office statistics
  8. Prepares a summary of cash, cheques, and credit card activities
  9. Summarizes results of operations for accommodation management
  10. Understands principles of auditing, balancing, and closing out accounts
  11. Knows how to operate posting machines and other front

Understands and knows how to perform check-in and check-out procedures


Job Title : Hotel Front Office Lobby Manager

Reports to : Front Office Manager or Accommodation Director

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Brief staff of uniformed services and make sure the lobby is clean and tidy.
  2. Manage guest complaints and take corrective action appropriately.
  3. Manage scanty baggage procedure.
  4. Oversee the left luggage procedures and the safety of the left luggage room.
  5. Attend to any disputes to guest billing.
  6. Update on operational policies and procedures and inform the uniformed service.
  7. Custodian of the master key and the keys to all stores(at night).
  8. Appraise the performance of the uniformed staffs and recommend rewards and recognition.
  9. Assist the security in lobby surveillance.
  10. Acts on behalf of the Front Office management at night.
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