Italian Lamb Meat Balls with Garlic Linguini

A heaping plate of spaghetti topped with hearty tomato sauce and flavorsome meatballs evokes the feeling of a perfect comfort Italian food. Lets learn all about the Italian Lamb Meat Balls with Garlic Linguini Recipe: Step by step methods of how to make , Ingredients used in recipe.

RECIPE TYPE : Main Course
CUISINE : Italian
PREP TIME :  35 mins
TOTAL TIME :  40 mins
SERVES :  2-3

INGREDIENTS for Italian Lamb Meat Balls with Garlic Linguini:

  1. Meat balls
  2. Lean meat (minced)  100gm
  3. Parsley chopped    1tsp
  4. Shallot chopped 10gm
  5. Seasoning    to taste
  6. Egg  1pic
  7. Sauces
  8. Garlic  2-3 clove
  9. Cream 60ml
  10. Milk 60 ml
  11. Linguini 100gm

INSTRUCTIONS / METHODS of Italian Lamb Meat Balls with Garlic Linguini:

1. Mix minced meat ,chopped parsley,shallots , egg & seasoning.
2. Give a shape of a ball & fry it.
3. Heat butter add chopped garlic till the color start changing
4. Add cheese and milk cook until thick.
5. Add cream , cook for 5 min.
6. Add boiled linguini ,meat balls and cheese.
7. Correct the seasoning,serve hot

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